The weather the whole year around in Avessadas

Weather Avessadas

Porto has a warm maritime climate influenced by a Mediterranean climate. Summers can get very hot, during some heatwaves temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius have been measured. The humidity is always on the low side, so there is a pleasant feeling temperature in the summer, even on the hottest days. Winters are quite wet with longer periods of rain. The wind from the Atlantic Ocean has a cooling effect on the city.

Avessadas is an hour’s drive from Porto in a green, mountainous area. From April to May it is wonderful to relax, the nights cool off nicely. The temperature can rise to 30 degrees during the day in summer. Until October it usually remains a good temperature to be outside. Even after that, the weather can be good for us, but it can also cool down considerably. Our holiday home is located on a hill, so the nights cool down faster after October. There is no central heating in the house. In the fall, winter and spring we heat the house ourselves with electric radiant heaters and the fireplace. Therefore it is therefore not for rent in the winter.